Common Deer Stand Tray

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When you are hunting, out in your deer stand, where do you put your gear - your weapon & ammo, gloves, thermos, binocs, range finder, calls, etc?

Common Deer Stand Tray - Model B in use

Common Sense® Deer Stand Trays Are Your Solution!

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The Only Patented Deer Stand Trays (patents 7681850 issued March 23, 2010; 8,083,028 B2 issued Dec. 27, 2011). Common Sense® Deer Stand Trays easily attach to most ladder stands, hang-on stands and climbing stands. Its the original, patented deer stand tray, the only deer stand trays on the market, available now. Also featuring the optional “Holds All” Rack and Camera Mount.

Model A is for ladder deer stands

Model B is for strap suspended seats

Model C is for tripod stands

Once you have hunted from a stand with our trays attached, you'll want the same affordable convenience on every stand you use!

Common Deer Stand Tray - Model A Common Deer Stand Tray - Model C

Tray is soft steel weighing only 7.5 pounds, finished in non-glare epoxy resin powder coating (harder than baked on paint) in black color. Model A & B tray dimensions are 48 by 15 by 3/4 inches. Model C tray dimensions are adjustable in length from 27 to 49, by 7 & 1/2 by 3/4 inches, all hardware included. Construction is 3/4 by 1/8-inch angle steel welded frame, 1/16-inch flattened expanded steel shelving welded to frame, with over 2.75 square feet of shelf space.

“Holds All” Rack & Mount

The shelf features room for a wide assortment of accessories at your fingertips: range finder, binoculars, multiple calls, rattling rack, walkie talkie, snack/drink, thermos, etc. The tray is also designed to allow the easy attachment of gun/bow mounts such as the “Holds All” Rack. And we have a camera/spotting scope mount too, for a stable platform to film your hunts.

Hunting Call Holder & Seat Cushion

New products! Use “Inside the Blind” Hunting Call Holder (patent 8220682 issue date July 17, 2012) to keep your stuff handy -- hold your box calls, locator calls, slate calls & strikers, insect repellent, drink bottle, etc. Also, check out our Seat Cushion for “hang on” style stands that goes with our Model A Tray.